Now training students on Clear Tek Ballistic Shield Deployment!!

Dead-On Tactical is proud to announce we are the only Certified Clear Tek Ballistic Shield Instruction Course provider in the Southeastern United States!

The Clear Tek Ballistic Shield protects you where your vest won't! It's getting more and more dangerous to serve warrants or approach vehicles or doors. the Clear Tek Ballistic Shield is a clear handheld ballistic shield that weighs less than 10lbs, has an optional blinding 1000 Lumen Light and has stopped a 357 Magnum bullet in tests!

Dead-On Tactical agrees with Clear Tek Ballistic Shields that covering the head, neck, and face during routine daily duties will save lives!

Check out the Training Section for more information about the course! and click the link below to visit the Clear Tek site for more on how to purchase these life-savers for your department!

Clear Tek Ballistic Shields are made in the USA!


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